Welcome to Hotel Ireland, a specific website portal for hotels in Ireland. As part of the Latebreaks network, it has been launched for Internet users and designed to allow them to concentrate on the information they want and not be disturbed by irrelevant information and pop up boxes associated with most websites, the information on this site will be about hotels in Ireland, and its counties, it will offer links when required to other sections and other Latebreaks sites specific to your needs, such as discount Hotels, Ryanair Flights, Airport Taxi, and Car Hire.
Ireland is a land steeped in history, tradition, and imagination.
From North to South, everywhere you travel a friendly smile will greet you with an invitation to enjoy the hospitality this Ireland has to offer.
Ireland offers a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of a busy life, the opportunity to trace your ancestry or the chance to catch up on some fishing, reading, eating and definitely drinking.

As you travel you will see the scenery change from lush open countryside to spectacular mountain ranges, dramatic cliff faces or a deserted beach, peaceful and quiet. Fishing, golfing, boating and sailing are all in abundance in every part of this beautiful island. A paradise for the artist and photographer, dramatic or tranquil scenery full of wildlife, castles, estates and archaeological all waiting to be discovered it’s visitors.

Nowhere is the social life of people more important than here in Ireland. Music and dance, drama and song, storytelling and folklore. Riverdance, Danny Boy, and stories of Leprechauns are all in a night’s craic in the pubs

Stories are told new and old real and imaginary of local heroes with mighty powers of bewitchment or strength. If you get to kiss the Blarney Stone you too may get the “gift of the gab”.

The seasons may change but the welcome you receive from the people you meet will be as genuine in Dublin as it will be in Cork. Family-run hotels and B&B’s offer you the chance to experience everyday life in whatever city, village or town you pass through or visit, in fact, visit, as you will certainly miss out by simply passing through.

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