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Kerry "Kerry, a county of Ireland, province of Munster, 53 m. long and 41 broad; bounded E by Limerick and Cork, W by the Atlantic, N by the Shannon, which separates it from Thomond, and S by Desmond ND the ocean, containing 1,040,487 acres, divided into 84 parishes. Chief rivers, the Cashing, Lane, Roughy, and Mang. The S is a plain, and fertile in corn; but the greater part is mountainous, chiefly adapted for grazing. Considerable quantities of beef, butter, hides, and tallow, are exported. Pop 205,037. Chief town, Tralee."

Kildare "Kildare, a county of Ireland, province of Leinster, 37 m. long and 20 broad; bounded E by Dublin and Wicklow, W by King's county and Queen's county, N be E. Meath, and S by Catherlough, and containing 593 English acres, divided into 100 parishes. Principal rivers, the Liffey, Barrow, and Boyne. It is a very fertile county. Kildare is the capital, but the assizes are held alternately at Athy and Naas. Pop 107,715."

Kilkenny "Kilkenny, a county of Ireland, province of Leinster, 40 m. long and 20 broad; bounded E by Catherlough and Wexford; W by Tipperary, N by Queen's county, and S by Waterford, containing 510,000 acres, divided into 127 parishes. The soil is generally of a good quality, with little bog land. In the N are excellent quarries for flags; coal is produced in great abundance; in the limestone district are valuable marble quarries; and manganese, iron ore, lead ore, and some indication of copper ore, are perceived in different parts. Chief rivers are the Suire, Barrow, and Nore. Pop. 157,096."
[From The New London Gazetteer (1826)]