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Hotel Ireland - Hotels in Ireland

Antrim "Antrim, a county of Ireland, in the province of Ulster, 46 miles long, and 27 broad; bounded on the E and N by the sea, W by Londonderry and Lough Neagh, and S by Down. This county contains 972 English square miles, 622,059 English acres, 21,222 houses and 261,601 inhabitants. In it is situated a great natural curiosity called the Giant's Causeway, consisting of lofty pillars of basaltes, all of angular shapes. The linen manufacture is carried on very extensively in this county. The principal rivers are the Bann and Lagan. The principal towns are Belfast, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Lisburn, Ballymena, and Ballymoney. The assizes are held at Carrickfergus."

Armagh "Armagh, a county of Ireland, in the province of Ulster, 32 m. long and 19 broad; bounded E by Down, W by Tyrone and Monaghan, N by Lough Neagh, and S by Lough. It contains 5 baronies, 20 parishes, about 291,000 acres, 37,714 houses, and 196,577 inhabitants, The soil is in general rich and productive, but a hilly tract called the Fews is barren. Some good marble is found in this county; and the linen manufacture flourishes in all its branches. The only river of consequence is the Blackwater, which separates it from Tyrone."

Belfast "Belfast Northern Ireland, most of Belfast is in County Antrim, Once the biggest shipyard in the World " Belfast is still a centre for industry, including the arts, education and business, it has a good legal centre, and is the heart of Northern Ireland, it offers a good range of hotels click here for Belfast Hotels.